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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How is Urgent Care different that a trip to the ER?

Answer: Urgent care facilities are designed to treat those who need attention quickly but do not require the services of an emergency room visit. Urgent care facilities do not require appointments and typically maintain more flexible hours (including weekend and evening hours) than most doctors' offices. 

Any threat to life, limb or eye sight should go to the emergency department.  Chest pain, chest pressure, severe difficulty breathing, strokes, amputations, seizures, drug overdoses, severe burns, severe abdominal pain are examples of these conditions.

Q:  What services does Oscar Medical Center provide?

Answer:  Oscar Medical Center can treat most common illnesses and minor injuries. Our expert physicians and staff treat everyday illnesses, including: colds, flu and minor stomach and respiratory conditions. In addition, we treat injuries including: cuts, fractures, and sprains.

We can also provide the following typical situations: X-Rays, lab tests, stitches and minor surgical procedures.

Q:  Is Oscar Medical Center Expensive?

Answer:  Based on national averages, a trip to the ER costs approximately $375 more than a trip to an Urgent Care facility. This may not be directly applicable to your situation, but it is indicative of the experience of most patients.

Q:  Do I need insurance to come to Oscar Medical Center?

Answer:  While Oscar Medical Center does accept most major health insurance, we do offer another option for those patients that are not currently insured. Oscar Medical Center accepts: Visa, MasterCard and Cash. Health insurance is now required. If you do not yet have health insurance and you live in the State of Georgia, visit the Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace and sign up today by clicking the logo directly below.

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